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NMAF Needs Fosters

NMAF desperately needs foster homes for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. Fosters save lives, one dog and cat at a time.

If you are interested in fostering a dog or cat, please do one of the following:

  • if you would like more information about fostering or have questions, please fill out the Foster Interest Form
  • if you are ready to apply to be a foster, please fill out the Foster Care Application
  • contact NMAF at 881-7297
  • come by one of our adoption clinics

Fostering is a short-term and temporary commitment, and your help gives these wonderful pets a much better chance of getting adopted and finding their forever homes. The love, affection, socialization, training, exercise and playtime you provide will make a difference that will affect your foster pet for the rest of his or her life. Is there room in your home and heart to help an orphaned pet for "just a while"? Contact NMAF if you can foster a dog or cat. NMAF NEEDS YOU - and OUR FURRY FOUR-LEGGED FRIENDS NEED YOU!

Pets Needing Foster Homes

Foster Care Handbook

NMAF does not have a shelter and relies on foster homes to provide temporary care for our dogs and cats. If a foster home is not available, we cannot accept an abandoned pet into our system. By fostering a pet, you become the decisive factor in saving the life of an abandoned dog or cat. The availability of foster homes is an especially critical need in determining whether we can accept a homeless dog or cat. NMAF covers veterinary costs for fostered animals and can often help by providing you with necessary equipment such as a crate, doghouse, etc.

A few of our animals may temporarily stay at a kennel until a suitable foster home can be found, but we try to keep those stays short-term. Generally, an animal is only kept in a kennel if returned to us by an adopter who can no longer keep it, and a foster home is not immediately available.

Volunteers are also needed to help with foster recruitment.
If you can help, contact us!